Interface Summary
IElementsProcessingResultHandler Specifies the callback methods to be used to notify the end of a search task (i.e. search-thread).
IProgressMonitor Generic interface for any kind of progress monitor.
IRunnableTerminationListener Specifies the methods that might be called by a thread (or a runnable) when it is finished with its work.

Class Summary
AllClassesProcessingTask This thread can be used to process all classes of a given workset.
AnalyzableElementsProcessingTask<IE extends IAnalyzableElement,PE extends IAnalyzableElement> Abstract superclass for all processing classes that iterate over specific analyzable elements starting at a root element.
AsynchronousProcessing This class provides static methods to launch threads for asynchronous processing of various analyzer tasks.
ClassesProcessingTask This task can be used together with IElementsProcessingResultHandler for looking up ClassInformation objects in the current workset, executed in a separate thread.
ContainersProcessingTask Process all containers in a workset in this thread.
PackagesProcessingTask Process all packages in a workset in this thread
ProcessingResult This is a container for result objects from a processing of analyzable elements.
WaitingIElementsProcessingResultHandler An instance of this class is capable of launching an asynchronous task and waiting until it receives the result.