Class Summary
AContainerResolver Common implementation for container resolvers.
AWorksetInitializationEventCallback This is the definition of an abstract callback that can be registered at a WorksetInitializer to be invoked when a specific event type during initialization occurs.
BinaryFileClassInitializer A class initializer that reads the information about a classInfo from a binary .class file.
ContainerResolverFactory This class is responsible to create the appropriate container resolver for a given container specification.
EclipseClasspathContainerResolver This resolver is responsible to determine all referred containers from a given ".classpath" file recursively through all defined dependencies.
FilePatternContainerResolver Common functionality for container resolver that are based on a pattern for multiple files.
JarAndDirectoryContainerResolver This resolver loads container information from Java class folders or Java class files.
OdemXmlClassInitializer Loads the dependencies from the OdemXmlContainerSpecification into the ClassInformation object.
OdemXmlContainerInitializer The responsibility of this class is to initialize a container from its XML elements in its specification object to contain ClassPackage and ClassInformation objects.
OdemXmlContainerResolver This resolver can load container information from ODEM models that are stored as XML files.
OdemXmlContainerSpecification Holds the declaring data of a container and its content.
WorksetInitializer This is a controller that is responsible to initialize a particular workset.