Interface Summary
IAnalysisResultHandler Specifies the methods that a class must implement in order to receive the result of a dependency analysis.

Class Summary
AClassDependencyDetector<TResultData> A monitored dependency detector for classes.
AnalyzableElementDependantsDetector<TAnalyzableElement extends IAnalyzableElement> A generic super class that implements dependency detection on IAnalyzableElements.
CircularDependenciesDetector This class is responsible to analyze a given array of classes (types) and detect all circular dependencies.
ClassDependantsDetector<TResultData> An instance of this class can be used to detect direct dependants of a given class.
ClassDuplicatesDetector This class processor is capable to find duplicate class names.
ClassFileAnalyzer Extracts all dependency details from a single class file into the underlying model (i.e.
ContainerDependantsDetector A detector for containers that depend on a specific other container.
DependencyAnalyzer An instance of this class is used to collect all classes on which a given class depends on directly or indirectly.
DependencyAnalyzerThread This is a thread that executes the dependency analysis with a given analyzer and informs a given IAnalysisResultHandler when finished.
InterfaceImplementorsDetector<TResultData> This detector can be used to find implementors of a given interface.
MainClassDetector<TResultData> Detects all classes that implement a static main(String[]) method.
MonitoredDependencyAnalyzer Provides the common code that is necessary for monitoring the progress of an analyzer's work.
PackageDependantsDetector This class can be used to detect all packages in a workset that are depending on a specified package.
SignatureExaminer This class is responsible to examine class, field and method signatures for type names.
WorksetAnalyzer This singleton can be used to do various analyzing which runs over the elements contained in a given workset.