Class Summary
ASearchResult<S extends IAnalyzableElement,E extends IAnalyzableElement> An abstract class that implements common methods for all classes that contain a collection of found elements due to a search or analysis.
CircularDependenciesResult Contains the result or a circular dependencies analysis.
ClassBundleDependencyInfo An abstract class that implements the common features of dependency info classes that contain several classes.
ClassDependencyInfo Holds the result of the analyzation of a class.
ClassesSearchResult<S extends IAnalyzableElement> Contains athe result of a search
ContainerDependencyInfo Holds all results of a dependency analysis of a class container
ContainerSearchResult<S extends IAnalyzableElement> Holds the result of a search for container objects
DecompiledCode Holds the decompiled code of a single class.
DependencyClassNode A node of this kind represents a class with references to all class nodes it directly depends on (prerequisites) and references to all class nodes it is an dependant of in the context of the current analyzing process.
DependencyInfo The common superclass of all dependency analyzation results.
DependencyNode An abstract superclass that provides the common behaviour of all dependency nodes.
FindImplementorsOfResult Special result that hold an interface and all classes that implement this interface.
PackageDependencyInfo Holds the result of a package dependency analysis.
PackagesSearchResult<S extends IAnalyzableElement> Class for a search result containing packages.
ProcessingClassNode Represents a class during analyis processing.
ProcessingState Provides an internal state and state manipulation methods for all subclasses.