Interface Summary
IAnalyzableElementProcessor<TAnalyzableElement extends IAnalyzableElement> A processor that is used as callback for an iteration over a specific subtype of IAnalyzableElement.
IClassContainerProcessor Interface for callback implementations of a proccesor that handles GenericClassContainer objects
IClassInformationProcessor<TResultData> This filter can be used to collect class info objects according to various criteria.
IClassPackageProcessor This filter can be used to collect packages according to various critaria.
IMutableAnalyzableElementProcessor<E extends IAnalyzableElement> Refines the super interface to allow setting of the element to analyze and to set a collection of elements that must not match in the matches() method.
ISoftwareComponentProcessor Interface for processors that handle SoftwareComponent objects.

Class Summary
AClassContainerProcessor An abstract processor
AClassInformationProcessor<TResultData> Generic filter for ClassInformation objects.
AClassPackageProcessor Generic filter for ClassPackage objects.
ASoftwareComponentProcessor Abstract superclass for processors that handle SoftwareComponent objects.