Interface Summary
IAnalyzableElement An interface that identifies all classes that can be analyzed by the DependencyAnalyzer
IClassContainingElement Specifies methods for all elements that directly or indirectly contain classes.
IClassInformationFactory Factory to create ClassInformation objects.
IClassInitializer Specifies the methods that are required to initialize a ClassInformation object.
IClassSpace Represents an area where class container and class information objects are kept.
IComponentHolder An interface that identifies all objects that hold containers.
IStringRepresentation The interface model objects must support in order to be handled components that need a string representation other than toString() provides.

Class Summary
AAnalyzableElement Common abstract implementation of IAnalyzableElement
AModelObject Common superclass of all model object classes
AnalyzableElementDependency<S extends IAnalyzableElement,T extends IAnalyzableElement> Represents the dependency of one IAnalyzableElement (source) to another IAnalyzableElement (target).
ClassContainer A ClassContainer is typically a classpath element that contains one or more classes (i.e. a directory or an archive)
ClassContainerDependency Represents the dependency of one container (source) to another container (target).
ClassFileVersion represents the major and minor version of a class file and is capable to map it to a Java version.
ClassInformation Contains all information about a class that is relevant to the dependency analyzer.
ClassInformationDependency Represents the dependency of one class (source) to another class (target)
ClassPackage Represents a Java package that contains classes.
ClassPackageDependency Represents the dependency of one package (source) to another package (target).
ClassSpace The class space eventually is the container that provides access to all classes that can be found within a Workset.
ComponentModel An envelope around a set of components an their dependencies.
GenericClassContainer Implements the common functionality for containers of classes.
NotFoundClassContainer Special container that hold all those classes that have not been found in any physical class container.
SoftwareComponent Represents the logical grouping of packages including all their classes to a software component.
SoftwareComponentDependency Represents the dependency of one component (source) to another component (target).
Workset Contains all relevat information for one complete set of elements that are analyzed together.

Enum Summary